About Us

Our History

For over 28 years, BUY-Cobb has provided leadership development, scholarships, mentoring, and community services for the youth of Cobb County and the surrounding communities of greater Atlanta.

In 1991 Winston Strickland, Dr. James Fisher, and Don Johnson (pictured below) had a vision to establish a nonprofit organization to make a difference in the lives of Cobb County youth. They had noticed that much of the attention that was being paid to youth (in particular, black and underserved youth) was negative. The trio knew that these images did not represent all youth, but wanted to both debunk the misrepresentation and ensure that students were provided positive messaging, role modeling, and exposure to a wide variety of skill sets. In 1994, Blacks United for Youth-Cobb (BUY-Cobb) was officially incorporated. In doing so, BUY-Cobb developed its co-educational Leadership Academy to facilitate the approach of positive exposure and development of life skills missing in the current education system.